Saturday, July 30, 2016

How to Create a Blogger Blogspot Blog

I made this tutorial specially for my groupmates in Crochet Bloggers Philippines. I think helping them create a Blogger blog will help them get used to blogging and sharing before creating a paid blog. I started my blog here in Blogger also known as blogspot. Blogger user friendly and it will not overwhelm you. This tutorial is easy and I am hoping you can understand this.

1. Google integrated all of their services in one. Go to to setup an account.
<Google Sign up>
2. If you already have a google account, and sign in.

3. Click "Go Back to Blogger

4. You will be asked  if you want a google+ or a blogger profile. I suggest that you choose the google+ profile.

4. After creating your google+ account, click "Continue to blogger"

5. You are now on admin page of your blog

6. To create your new blog, Click "New Blog"

7. This pop-up page will show. You will have to give the name of your blog and the address of your blog and click"Create".

 8. You are now have a blog.

 And here is the active blog.

  • With Blogger your domain name can be or your custom domain.
  • Hosting is free
  • Easy to use good for beginners.
  • Limited customization but plenty of designs available.
  • Support is very limited on Blogger's side, however you can find websites explaining the step by step process.

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Crochet Bloggers Phillipines

<Cutey Patuty>
You can join here

Hi fellow crocheters! I am glad that you are visiting my blog today. I am here to share to you what kept me busy this week. I created a facebook group that will help my fellow Filipino crocheters create their own blog and help them monetize with their passion.

There are a lot of Filipino crocheters are talented, however some of them doesn't know that you can share that talent to the world. They know how to sell their items, but never thought that having a blog can boost their exposure around the world. Or they want to start a blog, but don't know how to start.

This Facebook Group I started is called Crochet Blogger Philippines is a support group all about crochet blogging. I am willing to help my fellow Filipino how to increase their visibility online and help them monetize their blog.

Out of Focus

When I started this blog Cutey Patuty Crochet, my plan was to share my passion of crocheting. I was crocheting everyday and creating patterns that I want to to the world! However I don't have a definite goal about my blog. I do not have a plan. I lost my focus too, instead of focusing on crocheting, I ventured on fitness, sewing and other things that made my followers confused. I focused more on increasing may pageviews, my followers and likes on Facebook that I had no time to write a post. I lost my passion in crocheting that is I why everything crumbled.

That is why I am here to help my fellow Filipino crocheters so that they will not make the same mistake I did. As of now our group will be open for Filipinos only. As we grow we maybe expanding our group to the world. 



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